About Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet potato fries make a regular appearance on our dinner plates, and it seems as though just about everyone on the internets has an opinion on the matter. There's dooce's simple and straightforward version, and Shari's holy crap that sounds awesome! version, and then there's mine, which is a pretty reasonable cross between the two I'd like to imagine.

(For the record, I like to imagine a lot of things. Like one day finally getting to see Radiohead in concert. Like actually getting all of my work done when I need it done. Like having the power to turn invisible at will and wreaking havoc upon my enemies. Like Mysterygirl! and Brooksie, sitting in a tree.)

The shopping list is pretty easy for this one, kiddos.
  • 2 medium to large sweet potatoes (depending on how hungry you are.)
  • Olive oil (staple alert!)
  • Salt, pepper, and assorted herbs and spices.
Preheat your oven to 400F degrees. While that's a-heatin', peel yer taters, and slice them up into sticks about half an inch thick.

Now throw 'em all in a bowl, douse with a healthy glug or two of olive oil, and dump in your seasonings (last night I used fresh parsley and *GASP!* dried thyme, but you could use cumin, chili powder, tarragon, savory, rosemary . . . pretty much whatever apparently).

Get your hands in there and mix everything about until well and evenly coated. I suppose you could use tongs or a big spoon or something, but that would be BORING. Then lay all of your furture fries on a baking sheet, making sure not to overcrowd the pan lest they steam instead of crisp, and pop them in the oven.

After 20 minutes, give them a flip and then bake for another 15-20 minutes, until they're as brown and delicious as you like. (We like them on the blackened and caramelized side, but then again, we were never afraid of a little char.)

Once that's done you can either eat them as is, or scoop them all up in a little pile and douse them with honey. Or maybe try one of Shari's dipping sauces. Or WHATEVER JUST EAT THEM ALREADY THEY'RE DELICIOUS.


  1. Yummy, reminds me of Old Man River (which by the way opens for the season today!)

  2. !

    I actually tried to hunt down a picture of the fries at Old Man River from your wedding, but couldn't find one. Must have been because of all the bees :)

  3. I'll take two pounds of those and the Dutch oven. Thanks in advance.

    Hello, kat.

  4. I think you listed your wishes in order from obtainable to impossible, but I still paused mid-read to swoon.

    Those look fantastic. I'm so hungry now.

  5. Scott - I'll see what I can('t) do.

    MG! - Reverse order, actually. I'm thisclose to vengeance!

  6. Mmmmmmm... sweet potato fries! Love.

  7. Two comments - both equally true:

    This blog is a fantastic idea.

    This blog will lead me to gain weight.

  8. I am incapable of resisting peer pressure.

  9. I'm going to try these even though I don't like sweet potatoes (I think).

  10. if you don't like them it's the sweet potato's fault!

  11. I made this the other night. They were SO GOOD. Howevs, I think I didn't quite glurg right because mine never crisped (too much oil). When I make them again tonight (!) I'm going to glurg a bit less.