About My Kitchen

Since we'll be spending so much time together here, let's take a tour, hmm?

This is my cozy little kitchen, spacious enough to fit one human and one cat comfortably. Unfortunately, it's generally occupied by one small human, one giant human, and one cat at all times, which leads to quite a few stomped-on toes and tails.

These are my knives. I use them to cut things, and on occasion, fingers.

This is my ice cream maker. Winston (cutest kitten in the whole wide world) gave it to my for my last birthday. Also, these are our vitamins. We keep them on the counter so we remember to take them with meals, and of course we always forget.

More gear: The Greatest Blender Ever, an adorable miniature food processor, and fruit! That matches my walls!

The Swedish Chef is the patron saint of my kitchen. Which probably explains why there are soup stains on the ceiling.

And this is the most ancient toaster oven in history. It used to not work, but now it miraculously does. Good story, Kat.

Last but not least, Fitzgerald! On my refrigerator!

So there you have it. There's plenty of beer in the fridge; make yourselves at home, won't you?


  1. Awww, Fitzgerald on your fridge! I have a Zora Neale Hurston plush finger puppet on mine, but FSF is even cuter.

  2. Hoorah! And also you forgot to mention that on top of the toaster oven is a napkin dispenser that is clearly STOLEN from Cafe du Monde!

  3. mg! - did you know that ZNH is buried the next town up from where i grew up? because she is!

    a fuss - yeah, and i'm pretty sure you were there when i did it ;)

  4. I want that Le Creuset Dutch oven. Can I have it?

    Hello, kat.

  5. HECK NO! I luuuuuurve it ever so much!

  6. How come you didn't say about how those knives are made by samurais?

  7. i was waiting for you, silly!

  8. Ok I have no place here, since everyone clearly knows each other already, and since this post like ten years old, but I HAVE to ask....

    WHERE did you get the mini Swedish Chef??? I must have.

  9. OF COURSE there's a place for you here. any swedish chef fan is most definitely a friend of mine. and would you believe it, i got him at starbucks in 2003. i was working there my first year of law school, and for whatever reason they had a muppets finger puppet promotion going on.