About Bagels

The best bagels in DC now come out of my kitchen, and it's all thanks to Jo Goldenberg via Melinda Lee. Seriously, this recipe was so easy (and messy) that I'm currently pricing stand-up mixers and bigger kitchens, just so I can make these more often.

Then again, I always did want to buffen up my spindly little arms.


The first proof:

The half proof, which should really be called the second proof since, sequentially, it occurs second, but I'm not really a baker so WHAT THE HELL DO I KNOW:

The water bath:

water bath



And baked:


You guys should totally make these this weekend and tell me how it goes. (So it goes.)


  1. Those look yummalicious. Did you make any cream cheese to go with them?

  2. do you mean, did i buy cream cheese and lox to go with them?

    yes i did.

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  4. (Sorry. I had a coding problem.)

    I've seen these before, but your pictures may possibly convice me that I might want to actually make these. Maybe.

    Apparently the homemade cream cheese isn't worth it.

  5. that's where i originally found the recipe! i've been meaning to try out the yogurt.

    maybe next weekend.

  6. These look so good, but I'm afraid to make them because I'll eat them all by myself.

  7. Oooooh, my kids will literally do tricks for fresh bagels! I've never ever tried to make bagels myself, but those look so amazing it makes me want to try.

  8. Easy? What's your idea of easy, anyway...? :p

    Yeah. That looks hard. Especially since I hate baking, or working with any sort of dough other than cookie... but yours look so awesome. I want these. I'm totally gonna make these. I think. When I feel like kneading dough for an hour. maybe I can do it on front of the tv...

  9. really, kneading the dough is the hardest part. just keep thinking of it as the very tastiest kind of upper-body workout.