About Peeling Fresh Ginger

I'm a sucker for fresh ginger, and if there was a way to put it in everything, I totally would. (And did! Remind me to give you my recipe for ginger ice cream one of these days.) But the thing that's probably the most frustrating about using fresh ginger is getting the damn skin off, because it's thin and nubby and practically screams I'M A-GONNA MAKE SURE YOU CUT YOUR FINGER OFF!

You're not going to let that ginger tell you who's boss are you? I didn't think so! So pick up that spoon and start scraping!

Yeah, that's about it. Just take the edge of your spoon and scrape the skin away until there's no skin left, and then laugh at that nubbin of ginger for thinking it's so tough and manly or whatever.


  1. I'm not allowed to use ginger in anything that I expect Smith to eat. He hates it.

    I know, I know... I married him anyway. But really? He's cuter than ginger, so it works out.

  2. that makes me so sad :(

  3. I love that I can see you in the spoon.