About Prepping Greens

Not just any greens, mind you. I'm talking about the dark green leafy vegetables that are pretty much the healthiest foods on the planet.

Wait a sec, that's not actually entirely accurate. What I'm REALLY talking about is a subset of the dark green leafy vegetables that are pretty much the healthiest foods on the planet, namely the kinds with big leaves and big stalks. And what kinds are those? Oh, you know, collard greens and mustard greens and turnip greens and Swiss chard and kale. In other words, the Southern kind.

The thing about the Southern kind is that because the leaves are so big, the stalks are big. And big stalks take a lot longer to cook than leaves, no matter how big those leaves are. So in order to cook greens just right, you need to first separate the leaves from the stalks. How does one do this, you ask? Just watch this handy instructional video:

And while we're on the topic of greens, please enjoy this picture of adorable Capitals defenseman Mike Green:



  1. Mike Green is adorable. Let us not separate him from his stems.

    [Brooks Laich's face popping up over the edge]

  2. HA! MG made me laugh. That aside, I went to the never-ever-ending hockey game from hell last night to watch the Battle of the Bands between my kids' high school and its rival school across the river. They played the Canadian and U.S. national anthems, various pep songs throughout the game and our drum line took the ice during the breaks. That part was kind of awesome, actually. BUT... I digress. The players fought, threw each other into the plexiglass so hard that an entire section shattered, so 35 minutes later the game resumed... meanwhile, Mike Green (or anyone remotely as cute) was NOWHERE to be seen. I feel cheated, so hard.

  3. mg! - brooksie is never leaving your wallet, is he? :)

    e - the canadian national anthem is my favorite. the rest? not so much. please tell me you at least had beer; hockey game beers are the best beers.