About David's Cousin's Corn Pudding

Hey there, remember me? I'm the girl who used to cook and then take pictures of what she was cooking and then write about those pictures of what she was cooking and then post that writing about those pictures of what she was cooking right in this very web space. Well, FUNNY STORY. Actually, it's not funny so much as it is ANNOYING, because this camera I've been using? The one being held together by rubber bands? Well it's not so hot, actually. Actually, it kind of sucks. I sucks so bad in fact that I haven't really been able to get any decent shots off of what I've been cooking so that I could write about those shots of what I've been cooking and post that writing about those shots of what I've been cooking right in this very web space.

Also, I haven't really been cooking that much.

HOWEVER, I did cook on Sunday night and this is what I cooked, my BFF's cousin's corn pudding, a recipe Paula Deen would be so very proud of (you'll see why), a recipe that would be perfect for your Thanksgiving feast. Because it's delicious. And easy. TWSS.

So here's what you'll need:
  • 1 can of corn, drained
  • 1 can of creamed corn
  • 1 stick of melted butter
  • 8 oz. of sour cream
  • 1 box of Jiffy corn mix
Mix all that together in a casserole dish. (Mine's vintage Pyrex found in etrets's etsy shop.)

Bake that in a preheated 325-degree oven for an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes. (It should still be goopy and jiggly in the middle.)

And then dish it out onto dishes and serve!

(Insider's tip: this goes really well with a bowl of chili.)


There's lots of stuff you can add to this basic recipe, stuff like minced chives and jalapenos and shredded cheese and pretty much anything you can think of that goes good with cornbread. So don't forget to do that! You know, if you want to. Whatever.

Double Bonus!

Here's a picture of Schilbo getting ready to put some in the oven!


  1. Um, that is my new favorite etsy shop.

  2. i know, right? i keep having to tell myself that one casserole dish is plenty. MAYBE two. BUT I WANT THEM ALL!

  3. This would be DE-LISH-ISH with some green chilies. Then again, I put green chilies in EVERYTHING!

  4. as well you should, because green chilies are AWESOME.

  5. Oh, man. I want some of this SO BAD.

  6. If I'm doubling the recipe should I just make two separate servings or should I use a bigger pot and cook longer?

    Is this something that can be made the night before or is that a bad plan?

    (I'm cooking this up soon! Can you tell?)

  7. hmm... this recipe fills a 1 1/2-quart casserole pretty much to the top (the one i used here is 2 1/2-quarts), so i think if you're doubling you can use a 9x13 baking dish no probs. just check in on it at around the 40-minute mark; i suspect it'll take less time to cook with all the extra surface area.

    don't make this in advance; it's so much better straight from the oven. plus, when you reheat it the butter starts to separate and it can get pretty greasy.