About Sauteed Tilapia

A lot of you know me pretty well by now, so it should come as no surprise that I trend towards the complex. I'm way too thinky and I live inside my own head way too much and I generally just make a mess out of things. Why I am like this I do not know, but there is certainly never a dull moment around these parts.

THAT SAID, sometimes simple is best. And this recipe is most definitely simple. Short-bus simple, even. And super healthy to boot. What we're booting I have no idea, so let's just say we're booting claustrophobia.

Yeah, I don't know either.

All you'll need is:
  • 2 fillets of tilapia (or any other fish, really)
  • The spice mixture of your choice (or any combination of spices, really)
  • A little extra virgin olive oil
  • A non-stick pan
  • A couple lemon wedges
First up, sprinkle your seasonings on both sides of your fish. This night I happened to use some Tony Chachere's, but there's also this Bayou Blackening Spice a company out of Virginia makes, and I'm not sure if you can get it everywhere but if you can, do it because IT IS AWESOME.

Next up, heat just a little bit of oil in your pan over medium-high heat. Once you're hot enough (but really, when are you not?), add in your fillets.

Now here's a fun fact about cooking fish, although I suppose "fun" is probably not a very good word to use in this situation, because it's not "fun" like reading or drinking or Wii, so whatever, fill in your own adjective I guess. Wait, where was I?


Fun fact: you cook your fish way more on one side than you do the other. We saw this once before with some salmon fillets, and the same goes here, only since these fillets are so thin it'll take far less total cooking time. And how long is this cooking time? About 3 minutes on your first side, and 1 minute on your flip side.

Aaaaaand you're ready for the plate.

Add a squidge of lemon and you've got yourself a simple, healthy, delicious dinner.


  1. Ooh, this looks AWESOME. I love tilapia!

  2. Me too! I'm making this sometime, like the next time I buy tilapia which I've actually never done before but now I will TRUE STORY.

  3. Also, I like asparagus with tilapia. I don't know why. Hi.

  4. for whatever reason our grocery store sells giant bags of frozen tilapia, so we always have a giant bag of tilapia in our freezer. just stick them in the fridge the night before you need them and next day they're perfectly defrosted!

  5. We buy giant bags of frozen tilapia at Costco. But on Tuesday, they had FRESH tilapia for about the same price, so I bought it. We already ate it. But they might have MORE so I could prepare it this way! I'm going to find out.

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  7. why do you cook one side longer?

  8. mostly for presentation's sake; because the fish cooks so quickly you wouldn't have enough time to brown the fillet if you were to cook it equally on both sides.